Friday, February 15, 2008

Dress of the Day

I was planning to go to the Drag Ball tomorrow night, since I have this totally rad vintage jumper that just screams for an occasion, but I kinda got involved in making this dress today and missed my opportunity to buy a ticket in advance. The price doubles day of the show and my current budget didn't really allow for an advance ticket as it was.
Fortunately for me, I got some sewing therapy in by creating this little piece. It was an old 50's day dress this morning, pretty frumpy and well worn. Its been sitting among a pile of vintage fabrics awaiting their new destiny for quite some time. I guess I'm getting tired of the snow and need to feel some Spring energy. Of course it could be the result of that nagging internal voice reminding me (like I need a reminder) that I really, really need to clean my house.
Anyway, a chop chop here, ruffle there and several stitches later, this is the end result. I decided to make an apron as the embellishment, in honor of the original time period. (or I still really, really do need to clean my house). Damn I wish that little voice would shut the hell up and just clean the house while I sew!!!!
One can dream can we not?

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