Monday, October 22, 2007

What a Week!

Lot's going on this month. Taxes, need I say more? Thankfully that's finally out of the way.

Word on the street is that the Green Closet is in the November issue of NYLON magazine! That was exciting news. Wish I had a copy so I knew what it said. But tomorrow will be here soon enough and I guess I'll finally get my hands on a copy then.

Two new designers have joined the GC line-up: Nicole Rae Styer
delivered a few of her edgy reconstructed pieces from Philly
and Denise Weiss brings her beautiful Bijoux jewelry designs in from New Jersey.
Winding up for next months trunk show which will merge both an indie designer Janii Peterson of Waitsfield, VT with an art opening for mixed media artist Sandra Mudge.
She's famous for her fab faery houses and you can see why.
All in all I expect it will be an awesome event. A real recommended one for sure.

Now onto the blogs! M y new all time fav (visit & vote daily) is Street Clash. This is a worldwide competition to be crowned most fashionable city in the world. Very cool. Sadly, Montreal has been ousted. Today begins the competition between Telaviv vs. Warsaw. Warsaw had really better get on it cause today's entry was not fashion!
My favorite look on the street this week was this guy:
he's wearing Post Decadent of course, so I'm a bit biased I guess. But hey, he does look great!
Oh, and I finished a fab new party dress this week. It's all silk and oh so luscious in gunmetal grey with a little sheer layered petticoat (built in of course) underneath.

Monday, October 8, 2007

I'm Gonna Make shoes!

I am so excited. I have been searching and searching for the perfect shoe (the shoes in my head) but alas to no avail. So, I'm going to make them myself. Reconstructed of course. Next fashion show The One Fashion event the models will be wearing not only my clothing designs but my shoes as well!
I'll keep you posted on the progress of my new adventure.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Small town life, Big city taste

While carousing the fashion blogs this morning I was catching up on a few faves including She's a Betty ,where I came across these most awesome gloves.

They come from the UK, a company aptly named Glovedup. Now this is just the sort of outrageous style that oh so appeals to me. But I for one can ill afford to pay $80-$150 for these most luscious gloves and sadly neither can most of my customers. I don't think they'll fly here in maple country. But small town or not I would totally rock these puppies constantly.

Perhaps its little things like this about my style (wishes) that explain the oh so often heard comment about my shop,"This place would be so huge in_______(city name here)!"

I simply must come to grips that no matter how much I want to add a little cosmo to my tiny town, I'm in farm country and that ain't gonna change anytime soon (like never). But fear not, I'll keep banging my head against the wall anyway. I live here and damnit THERE WILL BE STYLE!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Changes and stuff

Well I finally got some photos of more recent stuff I've made. I put a few items into a slideshow and posted it on the website! Maybe it's a bit too busy? well I'll wait to hear your opinions.
I've got these dresses in my head and I can't wait to get started on them. I hope they turn out as I envision them.
Last night we had our First Thursday event. It was a Halloween special and sad to say hardly anyone came. Too early for Halloween maybe? Oh well, I still have lots o stuff to deck out a few folks for the upcoming festivities.
I have alot of Hooligans that need to be made but I want to do dresses. I want to make some really over the top stuff for the one Fashion Event coming up in January. It would be nice to put Vermont on the Indie fashion map.
So many people are doing such great work like this dress made from mens shirts compliment of Outsapop. Is that cool or what?

Monday, October 1, 2007

GC Rants n Raves

I've been crazy busy sewing and creating the new sign for the GC. That's the new sign to the right. My computer crashed for the second time in a month and I just got it back from my most awesome computer repair dude Mike at All Systems Repair in Winooski. He did a great job and it runs faster that ever!

Now I can get back to work on updating the web site with a posh new design to go with our new sign!

Missed my Sunday date with my co-conspirator Allison yesterday. My bad, but after reading her blog I know she had plenty o fun with out me anyway.

Okay so enough of the hum drum chit chat and onto the fashion!

Allison and I are planning to once again collaborate on a design as the Trashion Collaborative for the upcoming One Fashion Event in January at Higher Ground. The theme is Decadence and Decay. It should be most awesome, although we have yet to begin our design concept. All in good time.

Our last (and first) collaborative piece "The Cubical Rebellion" was the closing look in this years Art Hop Strut II fashion show and its already sold! We hadn't made it to sell, it was just a show piece but nevertheless its gone out the door in less than two weeks! I'm still looking for a great shot of the back of the dress since that was a major part of the design. But here's a shot of the look on the runway:

You may be wondering why Cubical Rebellion??? Well, it was crafted from Business wear. The shirt is embellished with roses from silk neckties, the shrug from a suit coat, the skirt thrifted fabric. Not to bad if I do say so myself.

Can't wait to see the next creation. I think Allison and I work extremely well together.

Anyway, I've got to get back to work. So till then...."Be the change you want to see in the world" Gandhi