Thursday, May 15, 2008


Isn't upcycling just the coolest? Take this little number for instance. A book bag made from ... isn't that a target bag? Why yes, I believe it is. How cool is that.? You can grab this bag, fashioned by none other than Stacy Leelyn over at her etsy shop
If you can't use a book bag, then grab a shopper crocheted from old plastic grocery bags. Oh, just visit her shop. You'll see all kinds of wonderful upcycles crafted by this talented green girl.
Cheers Stacy on the fabulous work!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Did someone say shirtdress?

Just another variation of the shirt dress from yesterday.
This one is made of three "uniform" shirts. This time the collar was left in place, and I used external darts to shape the top. I inverted the sleeves as well so they can be big pockets.
Just having some fun. I came across a whole pile of these shirts and I grabbed them because I've always had a thing for gingham.
Cheers and happy sewing,

Friday, May 9, 2008

Failure to conform

Hey ladies, here's a great way to piss off your boss if you're required to wear a uniform at work. Made from 4 uniform shirts.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Art Walk at Nectar's

Some time ago, I scored a quantity of the finest silk ever in a range of rich dark colors. You may remember the charcoal dress I fashioned for the one fashion event, that was from this lot. Anyway, here is the next all silk dress. I've just finished it along with a gajillion other things that I've been working on lately. Sorry no posting, just sewing. I used live mannequins for the Art Walk. This was Nectar's first Art Walk event.
The little suspender shorts are made from somer seriously ugly 80's peg pants. I had to add a gusset to create the cuff, because the legs got narrower down the leg. The original waistband was much narrower too and it had elastic eewww.
We had a bunch of fun and everyone loved the live mannequins.